Basic browser-based game development

Relaunched on "Training by Blackboards, Books, and Browsers". Here's the syllabus:

Game Development Steps:

  1.  Running a Web server with PHP and MySQL Database locally
  2.  Designing and Implementing our Initial Database Structure
  3.  Connecting to the database and making of the Registration page
  4.  Authenticating and creating must login pages
  5.  Implementing a Level-Up and Experience System
  6.  Adding player stats as dynamically as possible
  7.  Finishing up Inventory System and implementing Usable Items
  8.  Implement an Equipment System
  9.  Separation of concerns - PHP Template System and Bootstrap
  10.  Making a daily Training Facility for players
  11.  A basic Item Shop in PHP
  12.  User profiles and Player Rankings
  13.  Forest Map - Exploration, Monsters, and Player versus Environment (PvE) combat simulator
  14.  Player vs Player (PvP) duel
  15.  Bonus: Implementing familiars a.k.a. pets in the game
  16.  Last minute modifications to our template - Playing with Bootstrap
  17.  Conclusion for Basic Browser Game Dev Tutorial

18. Adding an email confirmation system

19. Adding an Abilities/Buildings module with flexible requirements

20. Adding Races/Tribes/Alliances/Nations/Zones with custom bonuses

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