Adventure & Maze Game Mechanics

Adventure & Maze

In adventure games, the emphasis is placed on experiencing a story as seen through the eyes of one or more user-controlled characters, often by manipulating them and the environment they exist in. Adventure games are characterized by general lack of reflex-based game-play found in typical action-arcade games, though they may feature such segments sporadically. The background story can be an automated process or specifically crafted; either way, it is a “behind the scenes” process; it is invisible to the gamer.

The second component of an adventure game is the labyrinth generation. The location can be generated automatically or specifically crafted layer by layer; either way, the questing location is a “behind the scenes” process that creates the data description; it is invisible to the gamer.

Action-Adventure is only a hybrid-genre that has distinguished itself as an accepted genre within its own rights. The action component provides quick, reflexive movements as the character dodges and hunting down enemies – while the adventure component blends in conceptual puzzles and story elements into the gameplay. Pure adventure gamers aren’t usually interested in action-adventures because they are accustomed to the slower pace of adventure games.

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