Collapsing Blocks Game Mechanics

Collapsing Blocks & RPG Adventure integration

The Collapsing Blocks (aka "SameGame" さめがめ) mechanics was a series of award-winning “tile-matching puzzle video games” by the popular GameHouse Company. It was first released in 1998 under the tile of “Collapse!” The series was discontinued in 2015 due to the closure of RealNetworks game studio. My observation from hundreds of arcade sites concludes that Collapsing Blocks is still a popular game with better than average rating.

The classic Collapsing Blocks game is played on a large game grid – typically a 2D array of 12 columns by 15 rows. Various colored blocks fill the game area. There is only one rule and objective of the game -- click groups of two or more adjacent blocks of the same color. The group would be removed from the game, points are earned by the size of the group, and replacement blocks fill into the game area from the top. The larger the the group of connected and adjacent matching colors the higher the score earned.

Several variation of the game filled the game area from the bottom. The objective was to delete groups and prevent the game area from completely filling up and reaching the top row and beyond. Other variations include “special blocks” that would contribute more points or delete rows or columns of regardless of colors. Additional variations allow the limited rotation of the game area, and special privileges or resticted time per level.

Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection on for more details and game rules.

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