Memory Match Game Mechanics

Memory Match

A Memory Matching Game is an old-style, table-top game that pre-dates online computer arcades. It is a popular game mechanics used to help Alzheimer patients in memory exercises . Memory Matching games are the perfect answer toward “staying mentally active”. Even the Alzheimer’s Association strongly recommends “playing games” to stay mentally active! Memory Match games in the modern-age comes in two variations.

What we will do with our Memory Matching (Pairs) game is add valuable twist into an “educational” Memory Match game, with an even more difficult “audio” game.

Game Examples:

This Blue Print offers several unique demonstrations examples:

  1. Mozart’s Music Match (Audio game) – demo here and transpiled from Flash ActionScript.
  2. Red Fountain Math Class (Pairs)– demo here and transpiled from Flash ActionScript.
  3. Memory Match (Sequence) for music keyboard and mathematical numbers.
  4. All games will be mobile ready with responsive design.

Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection on for more details and game rules.

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