Puzzle Game Mechanics

Puzzle with RPG Adventure integration

The a jigsaw puzzle game is quite simple. It is a picture sharded into several interlocking pieces. These pieces are randomly spread out on a table-top and reassembled. Using a computer, we can dissect the picture into any number and into any interlocking tessellation.

What we will do is add a valuable twist into this game's mechanics and build a file upload system into our Puzzle (both Pairs & Sequence) games. This will endear and customize our game.

Puzzle game mechanics is a sub-genre of the Puzzle game mechanics and educational process. The gamer is “tested” in their knowledge earned either through the current gaming session or life experiences. With this information, let’s “spice up” our quiz game and create something that is quite stimulating that will mimic real life – a Dating game! “Say what!?”, I hear your thinking. A dating simulation would involve asking and answer questions; what a perfect settings for a Puzzlegame. But how do we know which questions to create?

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