Hello, Game Designers!

Whether you are a seasoned game developer or just starter this exciting career in game development, this site provides the kick-starters for you next game project.

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Random Game Mechanics Generator

This idea generation machine randomly selects 3 — by default — common game theory mechanics. The game mechanics and descriptions should help your imagination blend and consolidate the next block-buster game.

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Game Genre

These game genre help you catalog your new project into the correct distribution channels. This list is combined from 5 of the largest game publishers world-wide.

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Game Mechanisms

This library of game controls and mechanism spans several javascript gaming frameworks. (more are on the way!) This tools helps you choose the game controls then opens the generic code snapshots (aka snippetts). Spend a minute to refactor the snapshots to your design and you have a functional game prototype in minutes.

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ARQ Editor

The "Adventurers of Renown Quest"™ Editor helps indie developers to create "White-labeled" adventure maps.

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Game Design Documentation Tool

This generation machine generates Game Design Documents based on your previous section selection and the Technical Design document collects all your choosen Game Mechanism.

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Application License Generation

This generation site generates Software Licenses based on your selections.

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