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Phaser Game Starterkit Collections

Building 100s of games using Phaser and Blueprint starter kits.

About Phaser Game Starter Kit Collections

Building 100s of games with Phaser v2 & v3.15+ Gaming Frameworks using Starter-kits and Blueprints.

Learn to build games in less than 30 days.

These workbooks are a collection of 16 popular game mechanics and 19+ subgenre, which follows the Game Design System™ methods available now from (You may purchase single chapters too!) This workbook will guide you in game development using the Phaser JavaScript Gaming Frameworks of your choice. This workbook was written as a STEM (science & technology, engineering and mathematics) educational tutorials for after-school computer club software students (those who enjoy “learning by doing” with "deliberate practice"), and for experienced web programmers using "full-stack" web application development; and, of course, for anyone who wants a finished game from their own designs and efforts. With this in mind, you will do a lot of writing, thinking, and coding in HTML5 and Pure JavaScript (without abstractions such as TypeScript, CoffeeScript, or JQuery) using either Phaser JS Gaming Framework.

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These single chapters include instructions for both Phaser v2.x.x AND v3.16+ with souce code examples. They are available from the author's book site listings or published from your favorite eBook distributor.

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Each chapter booklet from Amazon focuses on one game construction mechanic; if you would like the entire Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection in a single bound edition, then visit .

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