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a current work in progress - I set my book prices by the "total words"/ 100! So, I recommend you purchase my book now as I begin writing.

Making Browser Games (MBG) is my educational website about innovative game design and development using commonly used browser within computing devices. Our articles are targeted towards beginners to intermediate developers who have an interest in building their own mobile and browser game(s).

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Business Product Management: Books & Courses

Books: Game Studio & Business Start-ups

Learn to build a game studio for passive income.

Online Courses

“Making Browser Games” Series - online Courses

Game Programming Course

“Walk-Thru Tutorial Series” - Course Series

These courses are “step-by-step” guides to create specifically designed games
with some explanation as to why we do this (which is typically found in most
online tutorials).

Game Recipes™ & Instruction Guides Series

Individual Chapters — sold separately from the “Phaser Starter Kit Game
Collections books”
both the Phaser v2.x.x and Phaser “III” (3.16+) examples, source code,
and game license. Find and select your favorite game genre.

Chapter 1 — Action & Arcade
Chapter 2 — Adventure Mazes & Story Plots
Chapter 3 — Collapsing Blocks
Chapter 4 — Connect 4 & Go
Chapter 5 — Dating Simulations & Quizzes
Chapter 6 — Defensive Towers
Chapter 7 — Dress-Up & Fashion
Chapter 8 — Hidden Objects
Chapter 9 — “Jump to

Chapter 10 — MahJong — available only in the “Phaser Starter Kit Game
volumes or the “Memory
Match” mega-chapter.
Chapter 11 — Match-3 & Trace 3+
Chapter 12 — Memory Match (both “Open”, “Hidden” Pairs &
— a “mega-chapter” with 5 games
and licenses.
Chapter 13 — Music & Rhythm
Chapter 14 — Puzzle (both Jigsaw & Sliders)
Chapter 15 — Role Playing & Interaction Fiction
Chapter 16 — Simulationsavailable only in the “Phaser Starter Kit
Game Collections”
Chapter 17 — Strategy & Tactics