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Making Browser Games (MBG) is an educational website about game design and development using commonly used browser within computing devices. Our articles are targeted towards beginners to intermediate developers who have an interest in building their own mobile and browser game(s).

NEW! Courses, Starter Kits, and libraries!

Phaser Gaming Framework released their newest Phaser3 API! We have a full collection of tutorials on Phaser v2.x.x & v3.x.x game development. We have been writing books and lessons since Jan 2015, and now that Phaser3 is finally out. It time for you to make the transition and upgrade your game collections from Phaser v2.x.x into III.15 (at a minimum!). You can find our tutorials and guides on either LeanPub.com (works in progress at a significantly reduced price) or Amazon.com by searching for "Stephen Gose"

Phaser Game Developer Certification Courses

Supporting the Phaser v3 and v2 guides and Certification Courses, I've launched a series of Phaser Game Starter Kit as individual chapters or collection Volumes I, II, and III for Phaser v2 and Phaser v3. These "blueprint starter kits" are short pamphlets (mostly less than 100-150 pages ... a quick hour's read) on the following game mechanics and supporting mechanisms. You could start your own game studio in a week!

Consolidation Efforts

Many of my friends and professional contacts have simply "given up" running their own websites. In a "last-ditch effort" to preserve their valuable contributions to the gaming community, I am consolidating their wisdom and hard work at MBG.  I may not have agreed always with their game design or development approaches, but to honor their vision you can see their historical contributions.  I am proud to claim "... we are standing on the shoulders of giants ..." to better see a new horizon in game development.

Who are we salvaging?

My favorite friends' websites are:

Browsergames.com  - (my utmost priority) who had been a pioneer in several open source projects and provided thought-provoking tutorials in the early days of mobile computing devices.  Life is difficult in the best of times; I applaud my friends' efforts in view of tremendous personal stressors. By lending personal support and management efforts, I hope to help these dear friends of the mundane burdens and rejuvenate his creativity once again.  Thankfully, the codebase for the tutorials is under source control. You can view the project at http://code.google.com/p/building-browsergames-tutorial/, and you can check out the latest version of the entire tutorial’s codebase here.

Here is a list of migration to take place:

Medieval Game

Designing Your Game’s Database all languages
The Registration Page perl php rails django
Why You Should Be Hashing Sensitive Data all languages
Using Configuration Files perl php rails django
The Login Page perl php rails part one & two django
Cross Site Scripting: What It Is And How To Prevent It all languages
A Flexible Stats System all languages
Implementing A Flexible Stats System perl php rails django
Implementing An Email Confirmation System perl php rails django
Getting Started With A Templating System perl php rails django
Making Your Forms Auto-Focus perl and php rails django
Making Your Forms Remember Their Values perl and php rails django
A Brief Design Document all languages
Putting It All Together perl php rails django
Adding Stats perl php rails django
Displaying A User’s Stats perl php rails django
A Simple Combat System perl php rails django
Creating The Bank perl php rails django
Healing Your Players perl php rails django
Forcing Users To Log In perl php rails django
Designing A Flexible Items System all languages
Retrieving Items perl php rails django
Reducing Repetition perl php rails django
DRYing Out Our Database Connections perl php N/A django
DRYing Out Our Stats perl and php N/A django
Securing Our Hashes perl php N/A django
Simple Cron all languages
Using The “On-View” Method Instead Of Cron all languages
Buying Weapons perl php rails django
Swapping Weapons perl php rails django
Integrating Weapons Into Our Combat System perl php rails django
Buying Armor perl php rails django
Integrating Armor Into Our Combat System perl php rails django
Preparing our items system all languages
Buying Items perl php rails django
Using Items perl php rails django
Dropping Items perl php rails django
Adding Experience to our Combat System perl php rails django
Preparing our database for multiple area support perl + php  
Implementing Multiple Areas perl php rails django
We’re finished! We’re Finished!