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Phaser Game Starterkit Collection

Building 100s of games using Phaser Game Starterkits and Blueprints with Phaser v2 & v3 Gaming Frameworks.

About Phaser Game Starterkit Collection

Building 100s of games with Phaser v2 & v3 Gaming Frameworks using Starterkits and Blueprints.
Learn to build games in less than 30 days.

This workbooks is a collection of single chapter startkits — available from — that will guide you in game development using the Phaser v2 & v3 JavaScript Frameworks. They are written as STEM (science & technology, engineering and mathematics) educational tutorials for novices (those who enjoy “learning by doing”), and for experienced programmers in web application development; and, of course, those who want a finished game of their own designs and efforts. With this in mind, you will do a lot of writing, thinking, and coding in HTML5 and Pure JavaScript using the Phaser v2 & v3 Gaming Frameworks.

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Each chapter booklet from Amazon focuses on one game construction mechanic; if you would like the entire Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection in a single bound edition, then visit .

Phaser Game Development Content:

Chapter Examples

Online Examples from the Book's individual

Building your Match 3 game ...

both in Pairs & Sequence ...

automatic quests created ...

coming soon ...

Award winning game mechanic ...

coming soon ...

Avatar customization ...

coming soon ...

Most Played Game in the world ...

New Ear Training in the popular Mozart Series ...

Peg Solitaire as you've never seen! ...

Questions & Answers Quiz Mechanics! ...

RPG adventure game kit with quest manager plugin ...

coming soon ...

coming soon ...

both Jigsaw & Slider mechanics ...

coming soon ...

coming soon ...


Game created from Prototyping
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Ruins of Able-Wyvern™

Ruins of Able-Wyvern™

Total construction time: 28 days


Blood Pit™

Blood Pit In Game Module (IGM)

We built it in 1 hour, 10 minutes


Soldier's Test™

Soldiers Test

Total construction time: 18 days


Online Source Code Appendix

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Phaser v2 Prototypes Library

Phaser v3 Prototypes Library

Ruins of Able-Wyvern™

Game Prototypes
Examples 1.1 - 1.20

Complete Combat Prototypes
Examples 2.1 - 2.7

Kiko's Escape
an RPG Clue-style Mystery